Frozen Pupsicles (So easy to make)

Dogs love these, especially during the long hot summer days. They are healthy and fun to make. And, if you make extra, take some down to your local animal shelter. The pups will thank you for this act of kindness. With this scorching 116° temperatures in Phoenix, I made about 150 of them and took them down to Maricopa Animal care and control (MCACC).



  • 18oz low fat or non-fat yogurt
  • 1/2c of low sodium smooth creamy peanut butter. (I use the JIF brand) Make sure it
  • contains no Xylitol as it's poisonous to dogs
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 4 0z jar of banana baby food ( I use the Gerber brand)
  • Medium size Milkbone Brand cookie
  • 3 oz dixie cups

Mix all ingredients together. Blend well. Pour into 3oz paper dixie cups - but only fill up 1/2 way. Put medium size Milkbone brand cookie in the middle for handle. Freeze Once frozen cut Dixie cup and peel away all the paper. Serve. Yum! I haven't tasted them as I'm not a yogurt or peanut butter fan. But my dogs and the shelter dogs just love them.

(I triple or quadruple it for the shelter dogs - want to feed as many as possible)

Shari Mindlen1 Comment