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Why I created Dripping Dog and what I hope you will help me accomplish.


See what has been going on with Dripping Dog.

Why I created Dripping Dog and what I hope you will help me accomplish.

Shari Mindlen

Shelter and Rescue dogs are the best! And I want to save more of them through the success of Dripping Dog(tm) Bathrobes and Mitts. It’s a huge goal, but with your help, I know we can achieve it. The goal is to help build a new and bigger shelter here in Phoenix, which has one of the largest stray populations in the country, as well as help rescues save more dogs by giving them the resources to pull more dogs from the shelters and e-list.

Through this blog and on my website, look for tips on how to keep your pup active, safe and happy. For example, my No-Hide Chews are a safe and healthy alternative to rawhides. Everything I’ve read clearly indicates that rawhides are just bad!  I’ll talk about what kinds of toys are best for different types of dogs based on their chewing strength, curiosity, age, and breed.

MADE IN AMERICA. My robes and mitts are made in Tempe AZ at a women-owned factory. I am a woman owned company committed to creating jobs in the USA.

I’m a dog mom to two wonderful shelter dogs from Maricopa Animal Shelter – the “dog pound.” Ollie is an 8 year old Norfolk black Terrierist who loves everyone and will stop you on the street just so you can pet him. Samantha aka Sam is just this sweet little 12-year old Poodle Bischon who we adopted when she was 9. After our precious Maxx passed, Ollie was deeply depressed, I was very concerned that I was going to lose him too. He needed a new friend, so went to the shelter and met Sam. Ollie went over to her, licked her to give her some love, and let her know he will protect her forever.

During the bubble, better known in AZ as the depression, I created a pet food pantry to help the homeless and those out of work feed their dogs so they wouldn’t have to surrender them to the overcrowded shelters. Today I help the shelters and rescues. And tomorrow, when you purchase my products, together we will change the future for a lot of shelter dogs.