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Dripping Dog® Trusted Products

Shari Mindlen
“We believe every dog should look and feel good and every dog deserves to live.”

"We support shelters and rescues."
- Shari Mindlen, MBA, Dog Mom
Founder & President


Our company is located in Phoenix, AZ. We are proud to manufacture our clothing in American factories. People said we were crazy, that we could manufacture them overseas for a fraction of the cost. But we knew we could produce top quality products here in factories with our high quality standards and where workers are paid a fair wage. Our bathrobes are made in a woman owned factory in Tempe, AZ.  Our coats are produced in Phoenix, AZ. Thank you for supporting us and Made in America.


We always choose quality. We vetted our bathrobes on 200 dogs before we went into production,

We specifically designed our robes and coats not to go over the head but to Velcro under the chin and either Velcro under the belly or tie on the back. Dogs can sometimes get traumatized by putting something over their heads.


How the Best Dog Bathrobe and Trendy Coats were Born

The Bathrobe
I love a clean dog but, because I hate a wet house, I dreaded washing my dogs. There is nothing worse than a wet dog shaking off and running around getting the floor, couch and bed wet. Or, if they’re at the beach, getting my backseat all wet. Towels didn’t quite do the job. There was always the eau de wet dog smell and lots of brushing to get the tangles out.

Wet dog smell is the result of a dog not being fully dry. Hence the best dog bathrobe made was born. It solves every one of the problems of washing a dog. Plus it cuts down on your professional grooming expense.


Trendy Coats That Speak to Your Dog’s Personality
I’m a dog mom, and like all dog parents, I think my dogs are special. I dress them to bring out their personalities, and sometimes I want us to wear matching outfits.

Truthfully, I like to dress my dogs to impress other dogs … and maybe hoomans too. I couldn’t find what I wanted so I designed a line for all of our precious, special pups. They are stars so I created I’m a Star. My dogs are fashionistas. Denim is a fashion statement. So of course they need a denim coat and now we match wherever we go. If your dogs are like mine, sometimes they ignore me and others. So I put on the back of the denm coat I hear you but I’m not listening.



Ollie testing the robe to make sure it stays on.

Top Model and CFO – Chief Fit Officer

Rescued 2010 From A Kill Shelter