Dripping Dog™ Bathrobe for after a bath or swim

Dripping Dog™ Bathrobe for after a bath or swim

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Are you tired of getting wet when giving your furry best friend a bath? What about your couch, bed, and rugs getting soaked after a bath or a swim?

Our Dripping Dog™ Bathrobe is the solution you've been waiting for. Easy and quick to put on, it stays on, absorbs the water so your pooch dries faster, works great for even those with thick coats, and reduces tangles, PLUS you and your house stay dry.

The robe is manufactured in the USA right here in Phoenix AZ.  Made of high quality microfiber, simply throw it in the washing machine and dryer.

PLEASE NOTE: Selecting the correct size is determined by weight and the length of your dog's back from the nape of the neck to the tail.

Mini 4 - 10 lbs

X-Small 10 - 15 lbs

Small 15-30 lbs. up to 22" long

Medium 30-50 lbs. up to 26" long

Large 55-80 lbs. up to 30" long

Xtra Large 85-120 lbs. up to 34" long

If you have any questions about sizing, or your dog has a unique shape, please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help! 

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