Welcome to Dripping Dog™

Our love of dogs is why we manufacture top quality dog products made in the USA and only carry high-quality treats and products. Our mission is to help get dogs off the street and into loving homes.

Our company is located in Phoenix and our bathrobes and mitts are made in Tempe AZ in a women owned factory. People said we were crazy, that we could manufacture them overseas for a fraction of the the cost. But we knew we could produce high quality products here and support American manufacturing.

No imported dog treats and chews in our GoodieBoxes. Healthy treats only. None with fillers such as wheat, soy or corn AND no rawhides!  We believe that what you give your dog matters! 

To us and hopefully to you as well, our dogs are our best furry friends and members of the family. So we treat them like we treat ourselves to keep them active, happy, healthy and safe.